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About Sunshine Int'l.

SUNSHINE INTERNATIONAL was founded by Patricia Valencia, a native of Bogota, Colombia. Sunshine International represents only the prime flower growers, specializing in roses from Ecuador and Colombia. We personally hold contacts with the elite flower growers in both Colombia and Ecuador and visit there annually to evaluate new products in person. All of this to ensure for the discerning eye, a flower worth remembering.

Sunshine International established its first business since 1986, importing from Colombia and Ecuador, servicing the San Francisco Flower Mart. Sunshine International represents the best in rose selection and prerequisite.

Flower Shipment Schedule:

Most shipments are delivered from Bogota, (Colombia) and Quito, (Ecuador) to San Francisco.
Please note that all orders need to be placed atleast 14 days before order due date, as for growers' availability.
Also, please note during holidays, specially such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, all flower availability and shipping logistics differ, so make sure to place an order in advance, atleast three weeks notice!  Also note that particular varieties are subject to seasons' availability.
You may browse Our Flowers Page for list of variety of flowers.

A Flower Shipment Timeline:

. From the farm growers in Ecuador, the flowers are packed according to the specific requirements
    of each customer and placed in the cooler where they will spend the night.
2 . The following morning, refrigerated trucks pick up the boxes that will be taken to the airport.
3 . At the airport the cargo is also received into a cooling facility and kept there until the plane is ready for departure.
4 . The flight duration to Miami International Airport is usually 3-4 hours.
5 . The boxes are unloaded, taken to be x-rayed and checked by Customs and Department of Agriculture.
6 . Once inspection has passed, Customs releases the Airway Bill and the flowers are ready for pick-up by a freight forwarder.
7 . After the flowers are cleared by the USDA and Customs, these are transported into another flight to San Francisco Airport or via truck on route to San Francisco at the flower mart direct.
. Once these arrive, one of our freight carriers will pick up and transport in a refrigerated truck and drop off boxes at our store inside the SF Flower Mart – Our flowers will be stored at our warehouse’s cooler. (The cooler’s temperature is at 34 F).

Quality Control:

Sunshine's mission is to offer fresh cut flowers at competitive production and distribution costs, excellent quality, enduring consistency from our growers, and personalized service to all clients. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions regarding variety of flowers and specifications, and all other inquiries. In case an order does not pass the USDA Customs inspection at the Miami and/or San Francisco International Airports, the flowers must be fumigated or dumped. It is recommended by most horticulturists and the USDA to dump failed inspection of flowers. If this occurs, you will not be charged for that shipment.

There are unexpected surprises while anytime the best quality flower may arrive with insects or mites. Fresh cut flowers are perishable goods. If this happens, Sunshine International will alert the customer as soon as the situation emerges. As the client, you will not be charged for that shipment.


To read reviews on Yelp, please visit this link

"I would just like to say that I could not be happier with this business.  From the very start they were willing to do all they could to make sure they could get the flowers to me efficently.  The flowers arrived just as they should and were absolutley beautiful.  I planned my own wedding and Sunshine International made that part of it a breeze.  They were always in great communication so I never had to worry or stress.  This is one company that you can ALWAYS depend on."  Camille Waid

"I have to say, that I was impressed from the start at the personal interest shown and at the true interest shown in their customers. Everything arrived as stated, and the arrangements turned out beautiful.  We were do-it-yourself-ers but the flowers we had to work with made it easy. We had a blast, and really enjoyed the complements ( and there were MANY) on how beautiful everything was.  This is a business you can depend on..they say what they mean and they mean what they say."  Gretchen Kindrick

"So I recently needed LOTS of flowers for my wedding so I went with my good friend (who was going to do me a HUGE favor by doing the arrangements) down to the SF Flower Mart to see what we could find.  We wandered around checking our flowers and asking for pricing.  Finally, we get to the stall for Sunshine International.  I was drawn in by the beautiful pink hydrangeas but in no time, Patricia (the owner) was charming us with her Columbian accent...  she was extremely friendly and her prices seemed pretty reasonable.  I shopped around a bit more but ended up going with Sunshine and was not disappointed.   We ended up using mostly spray roses and I was worried because she doesn't stock those so I couldn't see the colors before ordering.  But when we got them, they were gorgeous!!   They also let us borrow some buckets which was really nice!   I doubt I will ever need to order that many flowers again but I would totally recommend Sunshine to anyone".
Yvette B, May, 2010


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